Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why librarians wear glasses:

Because we work with computers all day long and the screens do screwy things to our eyes.

If you work with computers a lot or in bad lighting, and you probably do both, get your eyes checked at least once a year. Being forcibly reminded by suffering headaches and eye tics that it's been more than two years since my last eye check is not fun.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

World's Toughest Voting Day Quiz

For those who would like to test their searching skills, this is from the Chicago Tribune:

1. How many of Chicago's 50 wards did George W. Bush win in the 2000 presidential election?

2. Which of the following nations has the youngest voting age?
A. Iran.
B. Canada.
C. Guinea-Bissau
D. Martinique.

3. In U.S. presidential election history, what is the significance of the number 456,312?

4. Which 2004 presidential or vice presidential candidate's wife wrote a steamy western novel?

5. Complete this slogan of the Nader campaign: "Bush and Kerry make me ....."

6. Why was there a legal challenge in 2000 to George Bush picking Dick Cheney as his running mate?

7. In Australia, how much are citizens fined for not voting?

8. Who was the Chicago-area banker-diplomat who was not only elected U.S. vice president but also won the Nobel Peace Prize and composed the music for the pop song "It's All in the Game"?

9. What two states proportionally allocate electoral votes rather than using the winner-take-all method?

10. Which country has the world's most restrictive laws about who can and cannot vote?

I'll post the answers once the Trib makes them known.


Have you voted today?