Monday, October 29, 2007

Carnival of the Infosciences, Issue #82

Greetings! Welcome to the Young Librarian for the 82nd installment of Carnival of the Infosciences (COTI). As befitting the party nature of a carnival, we have music, we have international guests, and we have drunk librarians (potentially).

Let's get the party started!

How many of you are Heroes fans? Igor's favorite is Hiro Nakamura, not that I blame him as Hiro's one of mine, too. As Igor explains, his great responsibility doesn't come with great powers as Hiro's does, but he believes in fulfilling his responsibility to the best of his ability.

Wally's got a construction update for us. How cool is this? A research portal incorporating a blog, a resource database, a calendaring service, discussion forums, RSS feeds, and more!

Internet Librarian 2007 kicks off today. Follow your fellow librarians as they learn about new technologies and the Monterey, CA landscape and culinary offerings.
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COTI needs a host!!! Step up today. You have your pick of dates for the rest of the year! See the hosting guidelines on how you can volunteer and the submission guidelines on how you can share all those lovely bits of infoscience news that cross your path.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last call for COTI submissions!

All submissions have to be in by 6pm Central tonight. We're a little light on submissions this week, and I'd really rather not have my debut be a debust ;)


Monday, October 22, 2007

One way to drive traffic to your blog

Good thing I sent my "Open letter to incoming LIS students" to Carnival of the Infosciences for inclusion back in August. Chadwick put out a call for hosts for next week on Twitter, and I answered the call. Next Monday, October 29th, I'll be hosting issue #82. If you'd like to submit something (and please do!!), follow the directions on the Submissions Guidelines by 6pm CDT next Sunday, October 28th. Anything submitted after that will be held for the next host to consider.

If you are interested in hosting, follow the Hosting Guidelines. Chadwick's still in need of hosts for the rest of this year's schedule. If you're new to liblogging and want to build an audience, or if you've taken a bit of break and need some easy content, consider signing up. I know Chadwick will appreciate it!!

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